Sunday, 19 September 2010

New Webinar 7 October - 6 Steps to get PCI Compliant - and stay compliant

Please join us for a new webinar on 7 October at 12:30pm London Time, duration 30 minutes.


This will be useful for anyone who is tasked with ensuring their organisation is compliant with the PCI DSS, or anyone just interested in learning more about this subject.

NNT Customers include retailers such as UK-wide retailer Spar, but also organisations as diverse as an on-line gaming company and a worldwide Christian ministry. The fact is that any organisation handling payment card transactions will need to put security measures and procedures in place to safeguard cardholder and card data.

This webinar will explain in plain English the measures required in order to simply and cost-effectively navigate a PCI audit and focus on some of the areas which any QSA will tell you are usually among the more challenging such as

We will show you some new concepts such as “Closed-Loop Change Management” and the “Change Management Safety net”

During the session we will share our experience of working with some of our customers and their PCI challenges, and illustrate key points using a live demo system.

Register via this link now and for more information regarding PCI DSS compliance visit

We look forward to helping you with your PCI DSS issues!

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