Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Psst - Want to know how you can save $thousands on PCI DSS Vulnerability Scanning costs? Read this...

AF Blakemore run over 220 Spar stores around the UK. In common with other retailers around the world, PCI DSS has been a significant headache during the last few years since its introduction in 2004.

Retail is a business sector that always works on tight margins and cost control for any IT investment is subject to close scrutiny with value for money and return on investment carefully assessed.

There are seldom any shortcuts when it comes to security, especially when under PCI DSS Validation Requirements, Tier 1 Merchants (those transacting more than 6 million transactions each year) must be independently audited for compliance with the standard by an authorized Qualified Security Assessor (QSA).

AF Blakemore needed to balance the need to fully observe all sections of the PCI DSS mandate, while maintaining the highest levels of security and integrity of IT Systems, whilst at the same time minimizing expenditure and resource requirements - this is where NNT have been able to help.

“When we looked at ASV scanning cost projections for our estate the numbers were potentially huge” says Jim Curtis, PCI DSS Consultant for AFB. “The other requirements for PCI DSS such as reviewing and backing up event logs, file integrity monitoring and device hardening were already looking to be expensive too, but the NNT solution solved everything for us”

“NNT Change Tracker was recently awarded a maximum 5 out of 5 in Secure Computing’s Group Test and combined with NNT Log Tracker, provides PCI DSS Merchant’s with the most cost-effective and easy to use Compliance Management solution available” Russell Willcox Chairman NNT

Using built-in PCI DSS device hardening templates and continuous configuration state tracking ensures that EPoS and Back Office servers remain ‘hardened’ at all times. Crucially, this means that in terms of their PCI DSS vulnerability scanning obligations, AFB need only scan a small percentage of store sites, saving money and time without any compromise to security.

Jim Curtis concludes “We have easily saved in excess of £200K a year this way”

"How much money could you save?" - FOR MORE INFORMATION AND TO REQUEST AN EVALUATION OF NNT PCI DSS SOFTWARE VISIT www.newnettechnologies.com

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